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We specialize in making dreams reality. Would you like to create a business or personal website and don't know where to start? Are you looking for custom applications, platforms, or business software? Do you have questions about how to secure and optimize your WordPress site? We can help you with all of these challenges and more!

What We Do

About Yunto Group

Yunto Group was founded in 2014.

Who we are, and how we change the world.

Yunto Group's mission is to help people realize their business goals and creative dreams through flexible websites, business software, and other applications. Our passion is creation and design. Our team brings talent from around the web to create unique projects that change everything.

"Hi, I'm Andrew Dunn, one of Yunto Group's lead developers. We created Yunto Group to help you reach your goals. We provide hands-on help, development, consulting, and code for businesses that want to create original content while maintaining ease of application."

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Today's opportunities are at your fingertips

Never before has it been easier to seize opportunity. Websites are created, brands are launched, and the world is changed forever - all with a few lines of code and clicks of a mouse. The opportunities to impact the world are right in front of you. Are you ready for the next step?

Imagine how you and your business can change the world. Partner with us to unleash your potential.

Our WordPress Designs

Flexible WordPress Platforms

Our sites use flexible WordPress platforms which have become the industry standard for web design and e-commerce solutions. WordPress powers almost 30% of the internet today.

The Genesis Difference

We utilize the Genesis Framework by Studiopress as one of our main developer platforms for WordPress to provide you with optimized source code thats SEO ready, page builder friendly, and mobile responsive.

Quality Code

We tailor make your site to your preferences by integrating your needs with site function using HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, and other cornerstone languages. We also encourage the use of PHP7 on capable servers.

Love Your Site

We love creating and designing and pour that passion into our sites so that you love your final product too. We secure your WordPress site through firewalls, robots.txt, and other htaccess permissions so it's safe and sound.

"Your dreams are only limited by your ambition."

- Andrew Dunn

Custom Graphics and Logo Designs

2017 YuntoGroup LLC

Our SEO Strategy

We take SEO very seriously and build it with a ground up approach. From our development foundation in optimized, mobile responsive design to our end-game off page SEO strategies, we cover every facet of SEO.

We use the best practices in on and off page SEO to keep your website relevant while encouraging you to create your best content for link building.

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